Maldives – A Honeymoon and Dive Desitination

Chances are as you read this you are sitting in a straight backed chair, now just close your eyes and imagine you are laying back on a lounge chair holding a cool, sweating glass of lemonade with a cool breeze ruffling through your hair and looking out upon the see-through, shimmering waters and powder white beaches. Interested?

I have just described a vacation at one of the Maldives resorts. Maldives is a great place to take a holiday, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is the Indian Ocean version of the Hawaiian Islands, except that it is much nearer to many more people. With its sparkling blue waters, its beautiful tropical climate, gorgeous beaches and interesting array of sea-life this is a perfect place for any trip regardless of the reason.

Just married? Searching for places to go on your honeymoon, I now declare your search officially over. With its many resorts, a honeymoon in Maldives is a great treat for a couple just starting their lives together. Been married for a while? The Maldives still has you covered, stir up a little romance by taking a second honeymoon.

If Nature is the thing that drives you, then you will be happy if you travel to the Maldives because of the fact that there are over 700 common fish species and many more still to be classified. You may encounter Frogfish, leaf fish, ghost pipe-fish, a multitude of nudibranchs and watch Grey Reef sharks hunting by night. If diving and snorkeling is up your alley then the Maldives should be right up there also because of its swift moving waters on the corners of the channels offer exciting drift dives, and since it’s many atolls give you relatively shallow depths of about 35 to 85 meters it is an excellent spot for beginners to dive alongside the advanced diver. Also its many complex reefs make for unsurpassable snorkeling.

By now you should be ready to leave that straight backed chair behind and enjoy yourself in the Maldives.

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