Although the Maldives is known for its constant weather conditions throughout the year – 25 – 30 degrees Celsius, the weather of the Maldives is highly important to consider before booking a holiday, most notably the difference in climate between the northern and southern atolls. The northern atolls generally have much higher temperate and less rainfall when compared to the southern atolls. This is dependent on the season however. There are two monsoon seasons during the year and the first during November to April brings some rain while the monsoon season from June to August tends to bring heavy rains and gales. This influences the peak seasons and therefore the prices. The best time to go, therefore the peak season, is from December to April. If you do not mind a little wet weather and want to save a considerable amount of money, travelling to the Maldives at other times is possible. Although the Maldives are located in a tropical area, severe storms and cyclones are rare weather events. However it is much more likely that a cyclone nearby may cause clouding and rainfall on the northern parts of the Maldives as opposed to a direct experience with severe weather. The wet season of weather occurs from June to September and this is when the Southwest monsoon occurs. There are often storms with high winds as well as rough seas. The hot season occurs in March and April. During this time, North East winds as well as varied sea breezes occur.

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