As there are so many islands in The Maldives, most of them are relatively small. However this is beneficial if you intend on staying at a luxury resort as all resorts are secluded islands each. These resorts are the ideal location of beauty and magnificence for the fact that the resort staff and occupants are the only ones on their islands. There are no private houses or other people and this will make your trip much more exotic and surreal. An average resort Island is 800 by 200 meters and completely made of sand and coral. Beach surrounds all the islands with obvious space for enjoying the water. If you are one of the many people who prefer to snorkel or scuba dive over swimming, each resort island also has a private reef where these activities can be enjoyed. There are also natural pools of shallower water which is good for weaker swimmers and these are protected from currents and waves. Each resort is like a small town with many shops and other facilities which can be used by the patrons. Some of these facilities include restaurants, shops, discos, bars, spas and dive schools. There are always activities run by the staff for people of all ages and most staff stay on the islands for extended periods of time and live in separate lodging on the island. Although many resorts are very expensive, you can still stay at a luxurious resort at a reasonable price, especially if it is not peak season.

If you have a larger family or do not think you could afford such luxury, you can still have just as much fun in the Maldives. This can be done by staying in a city hotel on one of the islands of the Maldives. These hotels can be very luxurious in themselves but they lack some of the extra features such as larger disco’s and bars. They also do not occupy an entire island and may share an island with other hotels. Staying in a Maldives hotel will still mean you get to experience the beautiful Maldives first hand and you will also meet some great people staying at other hotels. There are also great facilities such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools as well as sports and leisure activities. The good thing about the city hotels is that there are often private shops on the islands which provide cheaper goods as well as goods that would otherwise not be sold. Be assured that all the hotels are of top quality even if they are cheaper than the resorts. There are many more hotels in the southern parts of the Maldives as compared with the northern areas. If you want to experience the magnificence of the Maldives without delving too deep into your savings, then a Maldives hotel is perfect for you.

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