With more than 118 islands and atolls, Tahiti is the jewel of French Polynesia. The area of Tahiti is quite large and is located across the South Pacific. It truly looks like paradise with its blue green crystalline waters, white sand beaches, coral reefs and captivating vistas.

The warm waters and long strands of white sand beaches welcome many tourists every single year. Tourists literally flock to Tahiti for the world class resorts, nightclubs, spas, restaurants, and one of a kind shopping. The friendliness of the locals combined with the enchanted islands makes Tahiti truly paradise on earth.

Those looking for a secluded tropical vacation should choose Tahiti because there are less visitors to Tahiti in a year than to Hawaii in 10 days. This means there are no crowded beaches or long waits for a table at a nice restaurant. This truly is the perfect destination for honeymooners looking to celebrate their love because it is quite possible to find a private stretch of beach to enjoy all alone.
Visit Tahiti to see for yourself. The water, the beaches, the weather, and the locals combine to make these islands a destination worth visiting

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